The CropLife Europe sustainability library is the central source of materials used widely in for our sustainability activities providing training organisations and institutions with a reliable set of up to date training resources.

Whether you are looking for resources relating to our CleanWaters, CleanFarms or SafeUses projects, you can make use of any of the material you need with confidence. View or download the documents, videos, pictures and presentations and reuse to save time creating your own sustainability training programmes.

Take a moment to explore the assets available and discover the materials you need.

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"That project is giving us the opportunity to strengthen what was started several years ago and to multiply it towards our farmers, to pass on experiences, to increase their knowledge in the culture of farming - something important and not yet enough at this stage despite the intensive work done during the recent years. It could be also a corrective in the work of the public and private sector, to rethink the gaps and improve the quality of the training. We thank the initiators of the project and believe that it will be a success."

Zlatan Yordanov, Head of Plant Protection Department, Regional Food Safety Directorate VARNA, Bulgaria

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